Happy National Singles Awareness Day

You guys, it's almost here. Valentine's Day is tomorrow. In my biased eyes, the best holiday comes after Valentine's Day, which is when all the candy goes on sale. This for me is what Black Friday is to other shoppers. If you see me at 4 AM camped outside the Saint Louis Park Target, stop … Continue reading Happy National Singles Awareness Day

New Year, Same Small Ears

It's been two months since my last post, and while I'm sure a lot of the haters have written me off, I appreciate those who have been eagerly refreshing their browsers for the dullest news that defines my life. You're champions, every last one of ya. Not much has changed, except it's now 2016 which means it's … Continue reading New Year, Same Small Ears

The Awkward Orchard

Sorry for the lack of posts, dear readers, but I've been busy wearing all two of my flannel shirts, drowning in cups of apple cider, and eating myself into pumpkin pie induced comas. In other words, it's October, the best month of the year because of all the fun fall activities that are calling my name. … Continue reading The Awkward Orchard

Anotha Year, Yo!

Whaddup readuhs, she's back! Though I'm sure even the cardboard cut outs have abandoned me at this point, the summer of neglect is over. Mainly because summer is also almost over, but whatever. Details. The point is, I'm all settled into my new apartment, and it's 450 sq. ft. of cozy, homey goodness. I finally … Continue reading Anotha Year, Yo!

Everything BUT the Bathroom Sink… literally.

Salutations, readers! Are the three of you still there? Oh... those are just three cardboard cutouts of me? Cool. Anyway, this is gonna be a very short post again, but seeing as cardboard cutouts can't actually read (...right?), I doubt anyone will be TOO upset. The BIG NEWS is that I have finally moved for … Continue reading Everything BUT the Bathroom Sink… literally.

A Burning Lust- Flash Fiction #2

Salutations, readers! Talk about serious blog neglect, huh? Well, unlucky for the three of you, that neglect is OVER. Sort of. As I type this, I'm currently barricaded in my apartment by boxes and shit that I forgot I owned because I'm preparing to move for the third time in 11 months. So the blog negligence … Continue reading A Burning Lust- Flash Fiction #2

Finding “The One”…Apartment Hunting

Readers, it's that time again. The time for me to search for a new apartment, sign a new lease, and start another year (or...start a new apartment-year? Whatever, you get it). Some of you may be feeling pretty sassy today, and so you're saying, "Hey Erin, didn't you just move to Minneapolis in August, and … Continue reading Finding “The One”…Apartment Hunting

When Blog Ideas Fail, Tell a Story

I didn't have an idea for a blog post (nothing particularly sass-tastic came to mind...whoops!), so instead I've posted a flash fiction story (1,000 words or less) that I wrote when I was at Minnehaha Falls a few weekends ago. There was a couple sitting behind/beneath the falls, and so I wrote a story, imagining their … Continue reading When Blog Ideas Fail, Tell a Story