Finding “The One”…Apartment Hunting

Readers, it’s that time again. The time for me to search for a new apartment, sign a new lease, and start another year (or…start a new apartment-year? Whatever, you get it). Some of you may be feeling pretty sassy today, and so you’re saying, “Hey Erin, didn’t you just move to Minneapolis in August, and then didn’t you move AGAIN two weeks later to a different apartment in a less sketchy, much safer neighborhood?”

Yes, I did. What’s your point?

In fact, since graduating from UW-Eau Claire last May, I have moved THREE different times. I’m not ashamed (or proud). Suffice it to say, I am so sick of moving (#FirstWorldProblems am I right?). The worst part about moving is the fact that I seem to lose things each time I pack up and ship out. Yeah, I’m looking at you Frank… the apartment manager of the first place I lived at in Minneapolis for two weeks. I’m pretty sure he’s using the Pyrex pan and recipe binder I left behind to entertain all of his friends. Still waiting for an invite, Frank…. STILL WAITING.

Anyway, here I am. Searching for a new place to call home. I should say a new SHOE BOX to call home, because I’m all about livin’ that studio apartment lyfe.

While I’m still holding onto my HGTV-dream apartment like a monkey clutching to its last banana, my attitude has changed. Maybe it’s because I’m sick of moving… maybe it’s because I’ve moved three times in the last year… but my perspective (and my price range LOL) is different.

Instead of saying things like “Ohhh this shoebox is so pretty. This kitchen is PERFECT!” and cooing over other aesthetics that really don’t matter (omg who AM I?!), I’m asking questions like, “Does the front door lock?” or other questions that are fairly practical.

I’m focusing on finding something sturdy and true, rather than pretty and flakey. How’s that for being an ADULT?

It doesn’t stop there, though. I’ve had conversations with my friends, and said things like:

  • “I really just want to settle down.”
  • “This place just made me feel really safe. Really secure!”
  • “It’s too perfect on the outside, what’s the catch?”
  • “It just felt right.
  • “It’s ten minutes away.. should I go see it?”
  • “Apartment hunting online is impossible. I need to see it in person to know for sure.”

I’d say a few of these things to people, and then it dawned on me.

I’m basically online dating, but for an apartment.

I’m looking for THE ONE, and I ain’t talkin’ about a man. I’m talking about a glorious shoebox that I will live in for the next 12 months (or… hopefully anyway). If anything, online apartment-dating is better because I don’t have to impress the apartment. So I can go to showings un-showered, wearing my wolf t-shirt from 6th grade and baggy gym shorts without worrying about snagging a second date. ZERO judgment people.

So yes, I’m approaching apartment-dating in a different way, as you all have just ignored read. A more mature way, if you will. It’s no longer about superficial, and ultimately unnecessary, traits that you think are important when you’re younger. Sure we want a pretty place to live, but it’s more about sturdiness, and safety, and contentment. It’s about being happy, and not having to pay too high a price for that happiness. It’s about not feeling uneasy when you sign a lease, wondering if you’re making the right choice. Because with the right apartment, you won’t question– you’ll just KNOW.

I smell a metaphor, but that could just be me… the apartment showing is over, so it’s probably time for me to shower.

Anyway, I’m happy to say I’ve put a deposit down on THE ONE (for the next year, anyway). It surprises no one more than me that I’m not moving back to Wisconsin. Given that this first year post-graduation has been the hardest and most tumultuous year on record for me, I’m giving Minnesota anothuh chance, so buckle up Minneapolis you’re stuck with me AGAIN.

Here’s to new beginnings and forging a new relationship with a new apartment…

…maybe I need a new metaphor.


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