Happy National Singles Awareness Day

You guys, it’s almost here. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. In my biased eyes, the best holiday comes after Valentine’s Day, which is when all the candy goes on sale. This for me is what Black Friday is to other shoppers. If you see me at 4 AM camped outside the Saint Louis Park Target, stop by and say “hey.” Also, bring blankets and a space heater, because it’s -2 degrees and probably getting colder.

Anyway, Valentine’s Day (or as I’ve always called it, National Singles Awareness Day), is a day for people to show their loved ones (particularly their romantic partners) how much they care for them. Personally, I think people should be doing this all along, but what do I know? Thanks Hallmark for one upping me again.

I know some of you think I’m too jaded to have a heart that functions correctly (what gave you that impression?), but in an interesting turn of events, I do in fact love people and things. To prove to all three of you that this is true, I’m going to list 23 foods things that I love:

  1. Cats. If you expected anything else to be number 1 on this list, you’re kidding yourself. I miss you, Ollie. Even though you hate taking selfies, I know that you love me, too.


    He’s enjoying this selfie, I swear.

  2. Pizza. I love you.
  3. Skee-ball. Where do I even start? There are no words for a love this strong. Even when I score only a 100 points, I can’t stop loving you, skee-ball. #TogetherForever #UntilIRunOutofQuarters


    I’m crouching awkwardly, but the real thing of beauty here is the skee-ball machine. Remember that.

  4. Family. This kinda goes without saying. I’d be lost without my brothers who refuse to act impressed whenever I “scoop” them on sports news (RUDE), and my parents who pretty much do anything to help me, which includes trekking to frozen Minneapolis on occasion. Also, shout out to my Mom who loves Amy Schumer (see No. 19).
  5. Tacos. Taco Tuesdays, especially. And Taco Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Tacos now and forever!
  6. Wine. While I’ve always fancied myself a Moscato-girl, I’m broadening my horizons to include Rieslings, and dare I say it… red wine. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, but it’s a big deal. I’m finally being seen as an adult in my Mom’s eyes.
  7. Pusheen. I guess this goes along with cats, but my love for Pusheen and his many activities is too real. No shame.
  8. Jane the Virgin. If you’re not watching this show, you’re missing out. It’s an hour-long laugh-fest every week. Gina Rodriguez is my #girlcrush and the rest of the cast is amazing. Ever since this show came on the air a year ago, I actually love Mondays. So do it. Dooooo it.
  9. Friends. My friends are warriors who have gotten me through a lot these last two years since graduating. Right up there with my family, I’d probably be curled up in corner without them. So thanks, friends (You know who you are. I think.)
  10. Netflix. No explanation necessary.
  11. Writing. See No. 10
  12. Chocolate. See No. 11
  13. Minneapolis. After a year and a half, I’m really starting to feel like this place is home. Which is kind of a nice feeling.
  14. SpongeBob…but mainly Patrick Star. Patrick Star is probably the funniest cartoon character ever. Don’t argue with me, I won’t listen.
  15. My volunteering gig. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been volunteering at the Domestic Violence shelter near my apartment for the past 7 months. I’ll blog about these experiences at a later date, but it’s been eye-opening, humbling, and overall a great experience. It truly makes me appreciate the little (and big) things, especially the positive male role models in my life.
  16. Tea. I drink coffee for the caffeine buzz and if I don’t think I’m shaking enough. I drink tea for the taste and warmth. Tea forever!
  17. My car. My car and I are tight. Once a week I have to travel from Minneapolis to Eau Claire, Wisco for work (approximately 4 hours round trip, depending on traffic). I love my car for getting me places safely, and for also being a beast. I’ve been rear-end twice in the past 5 months, and she’s weathered them like a champ. Also, she has Bluetooth, so it makes it easy for me to jam out to my Spotify.
  18. Quotations. I’m a collector of quotations. My favorite right now is: “The truth isn’t always beauty, but the hunger for it is.” ― Nadine Gordimer.
  19. Amy Schumer. Similar to SpongeBob I can count on Amy Schumer to give me a good laugh when I need it. She also seems to share the same appreciation for wine that I have, so I take this as a sign. Also, again, my Mom likes her which I’m sure has brought us closer. Thanks, Amy!
  20. Justin Bieber. Lol this one’s actually a joke. But what if it wasn’t? What are you gonna do about it? I’m testing your loyalties right now, don’t let me down.
  21. My camera. Which is actually my phone, but I spend more time taking pictures with my phone than I do calling and texting people. Here’s to capturing new memories (and cats that I can’t have).
  22. Books. Yeah.
  23. Making lists. As demonstrated by this here blog post, I enjoy making a good list. Pros and Cons lists, grocery lists, to-do lists, Reasons-I-Should-Get-A-Cat lists… the list goes on. (heh heh heh)
  24. Donuts. Let’s get real for a second, no one can resist a donut. The people who can resist them, I don’t trust. Not one bit. Also, take note, I found 24 things I love instead of 23 because I’m an overachiever. And because I found my heart.
    Screenshot 2016-02-13 at 10.58.59 AM

    Too pretty to eat. Almost.

    What do you love? Whether it’s a person or food (but for real, food never let’s you down. Pick the food), I want to know, so leave your comments below.


8 thoughts on “Happy National Singles Awareness Day

  1. I would probably have to say cheesecake from the cheesecake factory (I miss it soo much 😥 ), but also any sweet food really hahah 😀

  2. I like your LIST! And happy tomorrow to you, when all the good chocolate gets marked half off!
    No celebrating here. We’re too lazy and apathetic.

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