Harry & Me

I walked up the steps to the castle for my date with the King of Handcuffs and Keys. Before all two of you (okay, I'm dreaming big, people, all THREE of you) let your imaginations run to wild and dirty 50 Shades of Grey-esque thoughts, cool your jets. The castle is on the National Register of Historic … Continue reading Harry & Me

An Abundance of Ashleys & Jobs..thoughts on job hunting

You can't go wrong starting your blog post with a play on a John Green title.  (Well... maybe you can. I'm hoping I'm not, though.) Today marks the 30th day since I graduated from college. This can also be translated into the 30th day since I was welcomed with a parade, a cake, and open arms into … Continue reading An Abundance of Ashleys & Jobs..thoughts on job hunting

Third Times the Charm…right?

This is my first attempt at maintaining a blog, and I'm hoping this is the one that will work. And by work, I mean I hope this time I can stay motivated to write on this for more than three blog posts. What can I say, I'm a big dreamer... So...what can you expect to … Continue reading Third Times the Charm…right?