Everything BUT the Bathroom Sink… literally.

Salutations, readers! Are the three of you still there? Oh… those are just three cardboard cutouts of me? Cool. Anyway, this is gonna be a very short post again, but seeing as cardboard cutouts can’t actually read (…right?), I doubt anyone will be TOO upset.

The BIG NEWS is that I have finally moved for the third time in 11 months. My new apartment is adorbz and actually has a personality, unlike the sterile, cold beast I lived in for the past 10 months. This new apartment represents many things I’ll blog about next week, such as fresh starts, brightness and happiness (because there’s more natural light coming in!), etc…

This all seems too good to be true, right? Nothing awkward has happened in this post. Well you’re RIGHT, things are too good to be true.

How does this get awkward? Easy.

I haven’t had a bathroom sink in two days. I know exactly what you’re thinking, because it’s what I’m thinking, too.

You put your deposit down a month ago…shouldn’t this all have been DONE by now?

Apparently not, but hey, who ACTUALLY enjoys washing their hands after using the bathroom? *Three cardboard hands raise.* So I’m stuck making the really long short trek from my bathroom to my kitchen to wash my hands.

What’s more, I finally HAVE a vanity installed in my bathroom, but just received an email saying this isn’t my real vanity… they’re still waiting for the other one to be delivered. My question is, why does it matter? Can I just keep this one and live my life in peace?

…no? Okay. Just wanted to ask.

So this new apartment LITERALLY has everything BUT the bathroom sink.

How neat is that? #blessed

So friends, if you’re in the Minneapolis/Saint Louis Park area, feel free to drop by and say “whaddup.” Remember though, it’s BYOS (bring your own sink).

I’ll write more next week. Hopefully my REAL sink will be here, but I’m stocking up on hand sanitizer, JUST IN CASE.

Happy Handwashing!


2 thoughts on “Everything BUT the Bathroom Sink… literally.

  1. Awesome, Erin! Congrats on your new apt and your new love of purell!! 😉 Aside from the sink, hope you have an exciting and fun year in your new place!

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