#FelineFriday: March Mascot Madness

Readers, I feel like I'm a bit late to be writing about March Madness and bracketology nonsense (for those of who you don't have brothers to remind them of this holiday, it started last week!), but since it directly relates to felines and there are games today (Friday) I thought, why not? Every year, my … Continue reading #FelineFriday: March Mascot Madness

#FelineFriday– va(CAT)ion anyone?

Life's been pretty good, readers. To make life even better, I've been able to spend the past week in good ole Wisconsin, which means seeing family, hanging out with some of my oldest friends, and of course, seeing Ollie. It isn't until I go back home that I realize how much I miss having a feline hangin' … Continue reading #FelineFriday– va(CAT)ion anyone?

#CaturdaySaturday– When You’re a (Cat Lady) Fraud

Readers, you and I, we understand each other. The understanding is that I love cats and all of you are coerced willingly indulge in my obsession. It's a great relationship we have, one that I cherish and hope to continue for all of time. Yet, for all of my cat talk and my ceaseless blog … Continue reading #CaturdaySaturday– When You’re a (Cat Lady) Fraud

#FelineFriday: Cattitude

Hello readers! The unimaginable, unfathomable  and unbelievable has JUST happened-- I'm actually posting about felines on a Friday. Here's to making good on promises (sort of) and trying to redeem myself on New Year's resolutions gone awry (sort of). But this is all irrelevant now, and I'll finally get to what all three of you … Continue reading #FelineFriday: Cattitude

#FelineFriday…on Saturday. My first failed New Year’s Resolution

Well I successfully made it an entire month without posting, which means I am totally (not) making good on my promise to post more. #brokenpromises This means you also missed out on my Christmas, which was filled with my wonderful family, seeing some friends, and watching the movie Wild. More than anything though, I watched … Continue reading #FelineFriday…on Saturday. My first failed New Year’s Resolution