#FelineFriday: March Mascot Madness

Readers, I feel like I’m a bit late to be writing about March Madness and bracketology nonsense (for those of who you don’t have brothers to remind them of this holiday, it started last week!), but since it directly relates to felines and there are games today (Friday) I thought, why not?

Every year, my family fills out brackets. Team names are created, picks are made, healthy competition is had. Each year, while my brothers research teams and select who they think will win the championship game, I do a different kind of research.

Mascot research. Basically, my picks are selected on the following criteria:

1.) Is the mascot a cat of some kind? (If yes, they advance)

2.) Do both teams have a cat mascot? (If yes, pick CUTEST cat to win)

3.) If no cat mascots are competing, is there a dog mascot? (If yes, pick dog)

4.) If no cat OR dog mascots, pick the cutest or funniest looking mascot to win.

What always starts of as a bracket full of promise and potential success turns into….

Well, let’s just say that team The Charging Ollie started off in first place, then lost the championship winner, so I’ve settled into a very comfortable last place, in addition to having my bracket ranked in ESPN at 10,542,889. Someday, readers, I will find mascot victory. In the meantime, I’ll start researching (LOL yeah RIGHT!) for next year by going to the animal shelter and playing with some cats.

Here’s a photo of The Charging Ollie, lover of printers and fireplaces, who doesn’t do much charging after all.




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