#FelineFriday– va(CAT)ion anyone?

Life’s been pretty good, readers. To make life even better, I’ve been able to spend the past week in good ole Wisconsin, which means seeing family, hanging out with some of my oldest friends, and of course, seeing Ollie.

It isn’t until I go back home that I realize how much I miss having a feline hangin’ out next to me. I’ve been doing my freelance work at the kitchen table in the mornings, and he’ll take up residence in the chair next to me. He’s also been following me around the house, so for all you cat haters (caters?) out there who say cats aren’t as friendly as dogs THINK AGAIN.

Awe yeah

Awe yeah

I’ve also been using the scanner this morning, which means he’s renewed his love affair with the printer again.



It’s made me even more appreciative of cats, and I didn’t even think that was possible. And it wasn’t until I looked at the news and learned of a certain Cat Utopia that I realized all of my dreams had come true.

Now I’m not sure if you three readers are cat enthusiasts (let’s be honest, of course you are), but there’s no way you could have missed the best news of the week.


Readers, I think the wanderlust, travel bug skipped over me, but nothing has me running for a passport quite like news of a Japanese island where cats out number humans 6 to 1. I could have SIX cats. SIX CATS ALL MINE. And they’re all so freaking cute! Just look at them!  They’re even cultured and talented, as you can see one playing piano.

This is a dream come true by anyone’s standards, not just mine I’m sure. So I apologize that this post is short, but some of us have a va(cat)ion to plan.

Happy #FelineFriday friends! Have a purr-fect weekend.


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