Anotha Year, Yo!

Whaddup readuhs, she's back! Though I'm sure even the cardboard cut outs have abandoned me at this point, the summer of neglect is over. Mainly because summer is also almost over, but whatever. Details. The point is, I'm all settled into my new apartment, and it's 450 sq. ft. of cozy, homey goodness. I finally … Continue reading Anotha Year, Yo!

Skee-ball: A Love Story

Readers, you know the saying "diamonds are a girl's best friend?" Me, too. Guess what? IT'S WRONG. Any girl who says diamonds are her best friend has clearly never played skee-ball. If my withered heart finds love someday, I don't want a man to purpose with a diamond ring... I'd know he's the real deal … Continue reading Skee-ball: A Love Story

#FlashbackFriday to Yesterday: Grocery Shopping

Readers, I went to the grocery store yesterday. No need to stop the presses, but hey, I want all of you to know that I'm just a normal girl. I go grocery shopping and hold up the self-checkout line just like all of you (wait, no one else does that? Oh...). I love grocery shopping. … Continue reading #FlashbackFriday to Yesterday: Grocery Shopping

A Lefty’s Lament

Folks, I'm part of a minority, and when I say I'm part of a minority, I mean I'm part of the 10-ish percent of people who are left-handed in this world. Now I can't say I've experienced discrimination because of this, but life as a lefty has certainly been interesting. It's opened so many possibilities. When … Continue reading A Lefty’s Lament

#FelineFriday– va(CAT)ion anyone?

Life's been pretty good, readers. To make life even better, I've been able to spend the past week in good ole Wisconsin, which means seeing family, hanging out with some of my oldest friends, and of course, seeing Ollie. It isn't until I go back home that I realize how much I miss having a feline hangin' … Continue reading #FelineFriday– va(CAT)ion anyone?