Anotha Year, Yo!

Whaddup readuhs, she's back! Though I'm sure even the cardboard cut outs have abandoned me at this point, the summer of neglect is over. Mainly because summer is also almost over, but whatever. Details. The point is, I'm all settled into my new apartment, and it's 450 sq. ft. of cozy, homey goodness. I finally … Continue reading Anotha Year, Yo!

Ugh: A Story About Immature Dudes

Let me set the scene, readers. It was a Saturday night. I was in red heels and a (fake) leather jacket, pushing dollar after dollar into the skee-ball machine (like the three of you are surprised by this, HA), and enjoying  tolerating a Bud Light, when he came up and talked to me. We'll call … Continue reading Ugh: A Story About Immature Dudes