Grateful for Dayz

I was nominated by a dear friend of mine a few weeks ago to update my Facebook status each day, for 5 days, with 3 different things I’m grateful for. Things have been pretty hectic around here, and without Wi-Fi I’ve felt a bit like Tom Hanks in Castaway. I don’t have a volleyball, though, so as far as I’m concerned he had it better than me.

Being envious of Tom Hanks and his volleyball isn’t a great way to start off a “I’m so grateful” blog post, though. Sorry, I’ll behave (HA! Yeah right. Where’s the fun in that?). So today will be a mix of the sass and the serious as I shuffle through this obnoxiously cluttered brain of mine in order to recount all that I am grateful for.

So, without further ado (and suspense… because you’re all DYING TO KNOW MY THANKFUL LIST), here ya go:

1.) My family. These are my people, and they’ve demonstrated the concept of unconditional love on more than one occasion. Even when my younger brother sasses me, even when my older brother rolls his eyes at the many stupid things I say, they STILL associate with me in public. (Although I’m pretty sure whenever they introduce me to people they try to skip over or rush through the “she’s my sister,” part….thanks guys, love you, too….). And of course my parents, who have to love me, but pretend to enjoy this chore anyway. #familyforever

Some of greatest women I've ever met. I didn't even need to pay them to be my friends.

Some of greatest women I’ve ever met. I didn’t even need to pay them to be my friends.

2.) People who tolerate my presence (AKA my friends). It’s not always easy to find people who put up with my charm (or weirdness) and my creativity (or strangeness). Rest assured, though, I’ve found them, and I won’t let them go (seriously, they can’t leave. They’re all tucked away in my closet right now…want to meet them?). To the people who read and at least pretend to appreciate my slutty toaster story, to those who put up with my stress during school and work, and to those who make me laugh and drink way too much wine with me, thanks for being you. I promise to build more closet space soon, but I am living in a postage stamp so… it MIGHT BE AWHILE. Get cozy….

3.) Yellowtail Moscato. It’s adult apple juice and that stuff goes down easy. Too easy…we’ll leave it at that.

4.) Margarita Pizza. I won’t even explain. If you haven’t eaten a slice yet (or a whole pizza…I won’t tell you how to live your life), do it now, and the taste will speak for itself. #GiftFromtheHeavens

5.) My bed. Because after slaving away in my attempt to put the goddamn thing together (HA, let’s be real…thanks Dad.), it allows me to eat my breakfast in it while watching re-runs of Sherlock and The Vampire Diaries. It’s a give-and-take, healthy relationship. Love.

Oh hey.

Oh hey.

6.) Cats, particularly Ollie. I’m so much a cat person it’s gotten a little unhealthy. Everything cat related gets my undivided attention. One of the worst parts about living in Minneapolis is that I don’t have my favorite feline to cuddle with. Ollie, you’re loud as a steamboat, but I miss ya, fool! In case you don’t know who Ollie is (which is a crime… but maybe also a blessing?) check out this blog post, yo

7.) Music. Variety in style and quality, I love that I can listen to really solid music one minute (Cough ED SHEERAN cough), and then listen to Backstreet Boys the next. Seriously, tell me it gets better than that. I DARE YOU.

8.) Rain-kissed leaves Bath and Body Works lotion. If you saw me in English class last semester discreetly sniffing a small bottle, I was NOT getting high people. I was relieving my stress by taking a whiff of that deliciously calming scent. Rain-kissed leaves, you got me through some tough times and into some awkward situations. Not many things can do both those, so thanks for the good times. Xoxo, Erin.

9.) Writing and books. They’re basically my entire life. I don’t know where I’d be or who I’d be without the prominent presence of both of these in my daily life. And if I didn’t have writing in my life, then by George, you folks wouldn’t have this FANTASTIC reading experience. (So you’re welcome).

ER MAH GERD. Stefan & Elena 4ever!!!

10.) The Vampire Diaries. Quality television is hard to find you guys…. I got lucky. Really. #STEFANANDELENA4EVER

11.) Sherlock. Okay, but in all seriousness, quality TV is REALLY hard to find, and if you haven’t watched Sherlock, you’re not truly living. Between the acting and the writing, it’s a phenomenal show. So go watch it! (No, BBC isn’t paying me to say this, but maybe this little shout out will let me meet Benedict Cumberbatch… dream on playa’!)

12.) My body. I’m trying to get better about not shaming my body. It does what it needs to do, it works, and I’m blessed everyday by what I’m able to do because of it.

13.) Snow peas and the Vegetables. It sounds like a band doesn’t? “Hey guys, thanks for coming out to the salad bowl to see us! We’re Snow peas and the Vegetables. Goodnight!” But seriously, veggies FOR THE WIN.

14.) Avocados. I have an addiction, and it’s a bit of an expensive one… but avocados are the loves of my life. Except when they sabotage my attempt at cooking and I end up with a sliced finger. More on that later though…



15.) CHOCOLATE. I love it. So much so, that I usually look like THIS GUY when someone offers me a piece.

16.) Breakfast. Best meal of the day with the best amount of variety. Try to debate me on that readers, I DARE YOU.
17.) My freedom. Even though I live in a country where women are still looking for equality, I’m so fortunate for the rights that I do have. I had the freedom and opportunity to go to school, to find a job and be independent, to say what I want to say, to date and marry who I want to date/marry. I have the freedom to say incredibly snarky things on my blog (what do you MEAN you haven’t noticed the snark…what have you been reading this whole time?!). Grateful always and forever!

18.)Cameras and photographs. Because if you’ve seen my Facebook and Twitter, you know I take pictures as often as I breathe (maybe even more… whoops.). I’m trying to take less pictures…but a friend of mine, who lost a parent, was telling me why she loves to take pictures with friends. “Because life is too short, and when someone leaves someday… I’ll always have a moment to look back on, where I’m standing right next to them.” Beautiful, right? So the next time someone judges you and your friends for taking that 10 millionth picture, ignore them and rock on with yo bad self(ie).

19.)A job, especially a job in a fun city. I’ll be posting on Minneapolis later. Just know that I’m HERE and I’ve sort of learned the bus system. Small step for Erin-kind, right there….

20.)Fall. Because while everyone is griping about summer ending, I’ve been stocking up on my cardigan collection (and back to school candy, DON’T JUDGE…see list item #15). Today it’s supposed to be 55 degrees, and I’ve donned my mustard yellow cardi, brown boots, and a scarf. So put a pumpkin spice latte in my hand and find me a leaf pile (because nothing screams FUN and FALL like jumping into decaying leaves), because THIS girl is ready and excited for the crispness of fall.
So, to my three readers who actually made it to the end of this list, what are you grateful for?

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