Third Times the Charm…right?

This is my first attempt at maintaining a blog, and I’m hoping this is the one that will work. And by work, I mean I hope this time I can stay motivated to write on this for more than three blog posts. What can I say, I’m a big dreamer…

So…what can you expect to read here? I ask this question assuming that there’s at least one poor bastard stuck reading my ramblings, and in my big dreams there are about two unlucky souls reading is. It’s not quantity of readers, but quality that matters anyway, right?


So, what will the two of you read on this blog. Honestly, nothing’s off limits, although if you want to talk politics, feel free to say good-bye to me now. It’s been great boring you for the past two minutes, but politics are to me what Fruit Loops are to iguanas. Which loosely translated means I don’t know anything about them (politics or iguana diets) and I don’t particularly enjoy them (I don’t know though, maybe iguanas like Fruit Loops?).

So anyway, aside from politics, I’ll talk about anything and everything from baking/cooking, to writing, to books and music, to sports, to random topics, and cats. Always cats. The Internet loves cats, and that’s why I love the Internet. While that doesn’t really seem to structure this blog, my goal is for each post to be told in a way that makes you care, at least briefly, about what I’m telling you. I write to captivate and to engage.

I hope I’ve made you care briefly about iguanas and Fruit Loops. If you have an iguana though, maybe keep it away from me. In my head I wouldn’t feed it a Fruit Loop, but if the situation manifested itself, my curiosity might get the best of me.


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