A Burning Lust- Flash Fiction #2

Salutations, readers! Talk about serious blog neglect, huh? Well, unlucky for the three of you, that neglect is OVER. Sort of. As I type this, I'm currently barricaded in my apartment by boxes and shit that I forgot I owned because I'm preparing to move for the third time in 11 months. So the blog negligence … Continue reading A Burning Lust- Flash Fiction #2

Skee-ball: A Love Story

Readers, you know the saying "diamonds are a girl's best friend?" Me, too. Guess what? IT'S WRONG. Any girl who says diamonds are her best friend has clearly never played skee-ball. If my withered heart finds love someday, I don't want a man to purpose with a diamond ring... I'd know he's the real deal … Continue reading Skee-ball: A Love Story

A Lefty’s Lament

Folks, I'm part of a minority, and when I say I'm part of a minority, I mean I'm part of the 10-ish percent of people who are left-handed in this world. Now I can't say I've experienced discrimination because of this, but life as a lefty has certainly been interesting. It's opened so many possibilities. When … Continue reading A Lefty’s Lament

When all you Wanted was an Air Mattress

Readers, I'm a fairly indecisive person. I mean, if you set a piece of veggie pizza or a bag of chocolate covered pretzels in front of me I'll debate for about 10 minutes and ultimately try to find a way to eat them both. (Side note, I usually do). There are times, though, where I … Continue reading When all you Wanted was an Air Mattress